Amatuer Trapshooting Association events hosted by the Andover Sportsman's Club


The ATA dates for 2020 are

Sunday, May 17th and Sunday, August 23rd



2019 State Shoot Kudos


Congratulations to the Andover Team for their stellar performance at this years state shoot. 

Bob Cooper - 200 Singles Champion who shot a pair of 99's

Mike Trainor - Handicapo Champion in a three-way shootoff

Rich Granatek - Senior Vet Champion who participated in handcap shootoff

Kevin Cloutier - Yardage Group on Friday and Class D Doubles Champion on Sunday

Zak Carr - Honorable mention - penalty Class A in 200 singles and posted a 95 and 92




Club Trophy - Awarded to ASC for having the Top 5 scores

Congrats to Bob Cooper, Brian Scussel, John Monticello, Rich Granatek and Gerry Cloutier




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