Len Parracino Memorial

Military Rifle Shoot








Another year and another successful shoot, I am certain Len is looking down with a smile on his face. First off let me thank Tom Brancato for volunteering to oversee the shoot as RSO. And I want to extend a thanks and congratulations to the competitors, most of whom attempted all positions.

This was an Military, Iron Sight only slow-fire 40 round event with five sighters shooting the SR1 target at 100 yards. The shooter was required to shoot prone and off hand and could substitute off hand for sitting and kneeling positions. This year we had two matches and eleven competitors. Congratulations to Jesse Fisk and our Junior competitor Alex Ivanov. Both walked away with a trophy and reimbursement of the match fee. Below is a recap of the competitors, the rifle used and their scores.


Name Rifle Total
Jesse Fisk M1 Garand 328 1X
George LaChapelle AR15 294 1X
Josh King Mosin Nagant 286 2X
Kirk Engler AR15 284 -
Alex Ivanov AR15 248 1X
Jim Lano M1 Garand 137 -
Steve Zwick AR15 248 1X
Joe Beck M1A 222 1X
Joe Gala M1 Garand 293 5X
Roger Benham Enfield No Score


Congratulations goes out to this years winner of the Thompson Poker Match. Kirk Engler showed off his Thompson skills and took home the pot with a pair of Aces. Following are a few pistures of the participants from todays event:








I would like to personally thank the participants, RSO's and volunteers who made the Military Shoot the success that it was today. I am proud to have worked with such a dedicated group that made this the organized and professional experience that it was. I look forward to growing this event into something that all of us, including Len, would be proud of.

With that said, from here on in we will call this event the Len Parracino Memorial Military Shoot. Len was a dedicated member of the club who ran the military shoot until his passing earlier this year. Thank you Len, we promise to do our best to make your Military Shoot the best it can be.

Pictured below, on the left, is the winner of the Browning event, Mr. Steve Moller. He drubbed the competition with his skills with the .30, which he has not fired since serving in Vietnam. To the right is a picture of Steve taken in 1967 while serving in Vietnam. Congratulations Steve, and thank you for sharing this picture and for your service to our country.




Congratulations to the winners of todays events!

Rifle Match 1 - Josh Idjadi

Rifle Match 2 - John Marino

Rifle Match 3 - John Marino

High Rifle - John Marino

Pistol Match 1 - Josh Idjadi

Pistol Match 2 - Josh Idjadi

Pistol Match 3 - Gary Godin

High Pistol - Gary Godin


Here are a few action shots of the participants from todays event: