Andover Sportsman's Club Picture Gallery

Sporting Clays

The September 15th Sporting Clays event was the third of our four shoots for 2013. 87 shooters enjoyed an absolutely perfect day for shooting. Many of the participants shot the course multiple times for a total of 124 rounds shot. Thanks go out to the roughly 35 members that helped make this event a success.


Pistol Safety Course November 9, 2013

The Pistol Safety course was held on November 9th at the main clubhouse. This was a one day NRA Basic Pistol class that was open to the public. The cost of the class was $100.00 per person. We want to thank the instructors for their effort and the students for their participation. It is proper instruction and active participation that makes safety happen. We will announce the next class date on the home page.


Military Rifle Shoot October 20, 2013

The Military Rifle Shoot was held on October 20th. We had a great turnout and thank everyone for attendance and the donations that will benefit the food pantry.


Fall 2013 Turkey Shoot

The Fall Turkey Shoot starts at 10:00AM and runs until 1:00PM each Sunday. Each squad consists of 20 targets. Each target costs $2.50. The closest hole to the crosshair on the target wins either a turkey, ham or turkey breast. The shoots go until the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The last shoot the Sunday before Thanksgiving is special in that an entire Thanksgiving day meal may be won.


2013 At A Glance

2013  2.jpg2013  3.jpg2013  4.jpg3  22  2013.jpgA.S.C. 003.JPGA.S.C. 004.JPGA.S.C. 005.JPGA.S.C. 006.JPGA.S.C. 007.JPGA.S.C. 008.JPGA.S.C. 009.JPGArchery Shoot  2013.jpgArchery Shoot 3  9  2013.jpgJim and Paula.jpgJim Hardy  1.jpgmembers 002.jpgmembers 005.jpgmembers 006.jpgNicki and Bryant.jpgPolish Night.jpgSnow Storm  3  9  2013.jpgSnow Storm 2013.jpgSporting Clays 2013.jpgmembers 008.jpgZiggy Tomic 3  9  2013.jpginternet pictures 007.jpgMemorial Shoot 2013_2.jpgPete Falkowich 2008.jpgSept. 8  2013 024.jpgSept. 8  2013 025.jpgSporting Clays 011.jpg45.jpg44.jpg46.jpg47.jpg48.jpg